Rebuilding Good Communities

Whenever a disaster strikes a community, the relief efforts are often fast and generous. People in the affected areas are often sent food, clothing, water, and shelter. They find there are many agencies concerned with their welfare in the weeks after the disaster, but there are few of them that stay much longer. Rebuilding communities is often necessary once the immediate concerns are past, but there are few people willing to commit that much time. Partners who are looking for a way to get out of their current life and contribute to the world at large should consider being part of the rebuilding effort.

No Skills Needed

Many people believe they must be skilled craftsmen to help rebuild a small village or town that has been hit by disaster, but nothing could be further from the truth. While people with building skills are needed, many rebuilding efforts are accomplished by teaching people as they work. They will acquire the skills necessary over time, and partners who volunteer will find they have an entirely new skill set once their work is done. They can find joy in helping others, but they can also have an opportunity to find out they and their partner possessed unknown talents. It can add a depth of understanding to their relationship, and each of them might find a new appreciation for the other.

Setting a Timetable

It can take years to rebuild an entire community, and few people can spare that much time. For those who have found they want to volunteer, setting a timetable can help them find a reasonable limit. They might have a few weeks of vacation, or they both might be able to take a leave of absence from work. If only one of them can go for a few days, their partner might be able to spare a month. They will need to find a reasonable amount of time they can give before they set out, and it will help them do their best work in whatever time they have as a team.

Reaping the Rewards

Volunteering for any disaster relief can be a difficult and dangerous undertaking, but there are many who report that reaping the rewards is something they have experienced. They talk about being able to satisfy the needs of others in a time of crisis, they much of what they find is joy in their ability to help. Couples who do it together might find they appreciate the caring and concern they had forgotten attracted them to each other in the first place, and their reward could be that knowledge will hold them together if a crisis hits close to home.

The time it takes for a disaster to destroy an entire community can often be counted in seconds, but it takes years for it to be brought back to what it was before. Couples who are looking for a way to help can often find agencies that need unskilled workers, and it can be an opportunity to break out of their everyday life for a new and gratifying experience.